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Tem Journal , Vol.1, No.2, 2012. :

Vol.1, No.2,2012.


Software Process Self-Assessment Methodology,
Solza Grceva. ---------------------------------------------------------------  Download document

Analysis of Loop Semantics using S-Formulas ,
Aleksandar Kupusinac, Dusan Malbaski. -----------------------------   Download document

An Image Compression Method for Fleck Board-3,
Indrit Enesi, Betim Cico. -----------------------------------------------   Download document

Effective Teaching of Physics and Scientific Method ,
Mirko G. Nagl, Dusanka Z. Obadovic, Mirjana Segedinac. --------- Download document

Educational Computer Software "Inheritance Mechanisms" in Biology Lectures,
Vesna Odadzic, Borislav Odadzic. -------------------------------------- Download document

Measuring Algorithms Performance in Dynamic Linked List and Arrays ,
Majlinda Fetaji, Mirlinda Ebibi, Bekim Fetaji.-----------------------  Download document

The Influence of Stitch Density and of the Type of Sewing Thread on Seam Strength,
Daniela Barbulov Popov, Nenad Cirkovic, Jovan Stepanovic. -- Download document

UML and JAVA as Effective Tools for Implementing Algorithms in Computer Graphics ,
Camil Sukic, Muzafer Saracevic.---------------------------------------- Download document

Development of Information Systems for Local Government such as it is in Bosnia and Herzegovina ,
Muharem Kozic, Larisa Ramic. ----------------------------------------  Download document

Actions of Corroboration of Felony in IT Crime in Legislation of the Republic of Serbia with a Retrospect of International Standards ,
Aladin Semovic, Milos Babovic, Aladin Madzovic, Dzemail Zornic.- Download document