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Tem Journal , Vol.1, No.3, 2012. :

Vol.1, No.2,2012.


Enhancing E-Mail Marketing by Semantic Addressing,
Tanja Rasovic, Danijela Milosevic, Zeljko Zoric, Marjan Milosevic -------- Download document

A Survey on Academic Teachers’ Perceptions About ICT in Education,
Solza Sopova Grceva ---------------------------------------------------------------- Download document

Formalization of the General Hoare Logic Laws,
Aleksandar Kupusinac, Dusan Malbaski ----------------------------------------- Download document

Blended Learning of DSP Trough the Integration of On-Site and Remote Experiments,
Radojka K., Djordje D., Marjan M., Danijela M., Milija T. ------------------ Download document

Using Genetic Algorithm For Solving Time Tabling Multidimensional
Issues and its Performance Testing
Majlinda Fetaji, Bekim Fetaji, Mirlinda Ebibi --------------------------------- Download document

Design of Algorithms for Improvement of Delphi’s Controls
DBGrid and DBNavigator
Fadil Novalic, Bekim Fetaji, Mensura Kudumovic ---------------------------- Download document

The Application of Modern ICT in Increase of the Road Traffic Safety
Level in Terms of Applicability of the Interdependence of Global
Positioning System (Assisted GPS) and Dedicated Geographic
Information System (GIS)
Mersad Mujevic, Camil Sukic, Dzafer Kudumovic ---------------------------- Download document

Devising and Analyzing Expert Based Learning Methodology ,
Mirlinda Ebibi ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download document

Two Idea Implementation of Real-Time Systems ,
Piotr Konczak, Wojciech Zabierowski ----------------------------------------- Download document

E-Bibliotherapy System : Book Contents for Improving Quality of
Youth's Life
Wilawan Phornphatcharaphong -------------------------------------------------- Download document

Lean Startup in Croatia -Does the Croatian Startup Scene Develop
Effective Enterprises?
Maja Lalic, Marina Klacmer Calopa, Jelena Horvat -------------------------- Download document