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Tem Journal, Vol.1, No.4, November 2012. :

Vol.1, No.2,2012.


Backgrounds of Aggregated Assessment of SMEs Competitive
Advantage Determinants
Algis Zvirblis, Antanas Buracas --------------------------------------------------- Download document

Neural Network Method for Person's Personality Recognition
on the Face Image
Tropchenko Andrey, Tropchenko Alexander --------------------------------- Download document

SCORM Player WP7: a Software Solution for Review and
Presentation of the Learning Content on Mobile Devices
Milos Bogdanovic, Leonid Stoimenov -------------------------------------------- Download document

Usage of Service-Oriented Architecture for Developing
Prototype of Intelligence Information System
Jugoslav Achkoski, Vladimir Trajkovik ------------------------------------------ Download document

A Fully Personalized Adaptive and Intelligent Educational
Hypermedia System for Individual Mathematics Teaching-Learning
Özcan Özyurt, Hacer Özyurt, Adnan Baki, Bülent Güven, Hasan Karal --- Download document

Modernized Beveridge Curve,
Toivo Tanning, Lembo Tanning --------------------------------------------------- Download document

Determination of WHtR Limit for Predicting Hyperglycemia
in Obese Persons by Using Artificial Neural Networks
Aleksandar Kupusinac, Edith Stokic, Biljana Srdic ---------------------------- Download document

Influence of the low-cost digital contents in improvement of
the students' learning experience
Vase Tusevski, Vladimir Trajkovik --------------------------------------------- Download document

Strategy development by using SWOT - AHP,
Dijana Oreski -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download document

Model Based Design and Hardware in the Loop Testing
in Power Electronics Courses
Mile Petkovski, Mitko Kostov ------------------------------------------------------ Download document

Application for Warehousing and OLAP Analysis of Data about
Unique Bulgarian Bells
Tihomir Trifonov, Tsvetanka Georgieva-Trifonova --------------------------- Download document

Devising new Software Project Risk Management Model: MARUNA,
Bekim Fetaji --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download document