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Tem Journal, Vol.2, No.1, February 2013. :

Vol.1, No.2,2012.


New High Head Leaf Gate Form with Smooth Upstream Face,
Jelena Markovic – Brankovic, Helmut Drobier -------------------------------- Download document

A Computer Vision System for the Automatic Identification
of Butterfly Species via Gabor-Filter-Based Texture Features
and Extreme Learning Machine: GF+ELM
Yilmaz Kaya, Lokman Kayci, Ramazan Tekin ---------------------------------- Download document

The Consequences of the World Economic Crisis on the
Macedonian Financial and Real Estate Sector
Marijan Stevanovski, Aleksandar Dejanovski ---------------------------------- Download document

The Role Explicit Teaching of Signals Play on
Reading Comprehension
Selma Kara ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download document

The Quality and Motivation of the Workforce,
Toivo Tanning, Lembo Tanning --------------------------------------------------- Download document

Experimental Analysis of Main Characteristics Ejectors, Comparative
Analysis of Experimental Data Calculatedly Characteristics
Sefik M. Bajmak, Dragica Milenković --------------------------------------------- Download document

System Analysis with the MVA Method for
Symmetrical Three-Phase Faults
Adnan Kakilli -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download document

Application of ICT in a Company after Identifying the
Characteristics of a Crisis
Matija Varga ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download document

Programs for Offenders Depending on Substance,
Safuadan Plojovic, Andrijana Maksimovic ---------------------------------------- Download document

Mechanical Behavior of White Concrete,
Hüseyin Temiz, M. Metin Kose, H. Murat Genc --------------------------------- Download document

Modeling of Three Dimensional Magnetic Field in Three-Phase
Induction Motor with Double Squirrel Cage
Blagoja Arapinoski, Mirka P. Radevska, Vesna Ceselkoska, Milan Cundev-Download document

Security Measures Against Malware Penetration and Spreading,
Markina T.A., Ogolyuk A.A. --------------------------------------------------------- Download document

Improving University Teaching Using Application for Mobile Devices
Based on Netbiscuit Platform and Integration with the LMS
Muzafer Saracevic, Muharem Kozic, Faruk Selimovic, Bekim Fetaji ------- Download document

Investigate the Friction Drilling of Aluminium Alloys According
to the Thermal Conductivity
Cebeli Ozek, Zulkuf Demir ---------------------------------------------------------- Download document