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Tem Journal, Vol.2, No.2, May 2013. :

Vol.1, No.2,2012.


Improvement of the QoS for WiMAX Service Classes,
Kire Jakimoski, Toni Janevski --------------------------------------------------- Download document

Estimating SAD Low-Limits for the Adverse Metabolic Profile
by Using Artificial Neural Networks
E. Stokic, Biljana. S. Galic, A. Kupusinac, R. Doroslovacki ----------------- Download document

Some Typical Examples of the Application of Didactic Principle
of Polyformism in the Teaching of Mathematics
Djoko G. Markovic ------------------------------------------------------------------- Download document

The Investigation of Gas Ejector Performance using CFD Modelling,
Kemal Aldas, Faruk Sen, Iskender Ozkul --------------------------------------- Download document

The Analysis of Labour Productivity in East European Countries,
Toivo Tanning, Lembo Tanning --------------------------------------------------- Download document

Database Design for the Web Based University
Project Management Information System
Irena Valova --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download document

Hand Detection Based on Skin Color Segmentation
and Classification of Image Local Features
Ahunzyanov Rasim, Tropchenko Alexander ------------------------------------ Download document

Financial informations Related to the Business Decision-Making,
Marijan Stevanovski, Aleksandar Dejanovski, NevenaRistova--------------- Download document

Fire Resistance of Fly Ash Blended Lightweight Concrete,
Huseyin Temiz, Irfan Coskun ------------------------------------------------------ Download document

Influence of the Processing Conditions on the Hot-Rolled
Manganese Steel Sheet Surface Quality
Ruzica Manojlovic, Ratko Ilievski ------------------------------------------------- Download document

Investigate the Surface Roughness and Bushing Shape
in Friction Drilling Of A7075-T651 and St 37 Steel
Cebeli Özek, Zülküf Demir --------------------------------------------------------- Download document

The Determination of Secondary School Students’ Metaphors
about the Internet Concept
Aynur Kolburan Geçer, Arzu Deveci Topal -------------------------------------- Download document

Enhancing Web Based E-Learning in Maritime
Education –Experiences From Projects in Montenegro
Sanja Bauk, Snezana Scepanovic -------------------------------------------------- Download document

Experiment is the Central Part of the Topic
and Realized by IBSE Method
Mirko Nagl, Nikola Gledic, Jasmina Djokic-Jovanovic ------------------------ Download document